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The Wheel Inn

Our own project. 40 units, starting in 2017. The best investment we can offer you by far.


Does Brexit bother us starting this new project? Not at all. We can earn in Euros or Sterling. Our Bookings come from the UK and Europe. The demand for this concept is huge.

Why can I not reserve today?

We are currrently finalising legal paperwork looking at a few different locations. We expect to start early 2017 with the first project, 

Why don't we get the key?

This unique concept provides properties that will be fully rented out to people with special disabilities. 
50 weeks/year occupancy.
2 weeks maintenance.

Is this a long or short term investment?

Min 2 year.The first project will also be used as a try (rent) before you buy project for people with disabilities who like to buy the second project. The second project will only be for sale for people with disabilities.